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We are eager to offer the best possible quality, service and value for our online customers. Therefore all our Tempeh is made to order and subject to availability to supply the freshest product possible.

This goes hand in hand with a reliable and economical courier service.

For you to get the best value out of our delivery service we have created a minimum of 4 packs per order.  All orders come with a tracking number for your convenience.

To estimate shipping please refer to  the colored zones below and at the checkout menu. 

Please let us know if you have any special requirements or contact us on for further information.

For wholesale orders please contact us on

Thank you.

Tempeh is a vegan meat alternative made from cooked and naturally fermented lupine beans. It contains essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins of the B-group. Our lupine tempeh is made with New Zealand grown quality GMO free lupine beans harvested in the beautiful South Island. 

Discover the versatility of tempeh. Serve it fresh, fried, baked, barbequed, or sauteed.

No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. 

Meat Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free (Seaweed Tamarin contains soy)

Made in New Zealand


Keep refrigerated at 1-4 °C

 Our tempeh is pasteurised and unopened it may be kept refrigerated for about 8 weeks

 Use within 3 days of opening. 

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