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Lupine Tempeh - Tempeh Deli
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Tempeh is a fermented whole food traditionally from Indonesia but is used all over the world in many vegetarian and vegan recipes. Tempeh is a fabulous source of protein, a very valuable source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Tempeh is a living culture which breaks down the sugar, fat and protein content to make it easier for us to benefit from all its nutrients.

 Our Tempeh is made from 100% GMO free New Zealand grown lupins.

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Lupins or any kind of legume are carefully de-shelled and boiled. The tenderly cooked beans are dried and inoculated with spores of the culture Rhizopus Oligosporus. The inoculated beans are then incubated at around 32 degrees Celsius for about 30 hours, or until the spores of the Rhizopus are bound to the beans with a dense cottony mycelium together. The fresh Tempeh  has delicious mushroom, earthy flavour. 

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Lupine seeds have been used in human nutrition and treatment for several thousand years. Lupines belongs to the family of legumes and are therefore closely related with chick peas or peanuts. The cultivation of the lupines in New Zealand makes it even more interesting for us as soy are only rarely grown at this stage.

The non-toxically cultivated varieties of the sweet lupine are suitable for human consumption and are a very high-quality protein source. The taste of lupine is bean-like and slightly nutty.

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Lupins are low on starch and fat and are and an excellent source of protein and fiber.

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